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Wild West Typing

In today's world a rare man can do without speed typing skills. Type faster - get more time for thinking. If you type fast, you can think at the moment of typing. To type without losing time on deciding where a key is located on the keyboard you should learn a little bit. There are several options. You can attend speed typing classes. You can try self-education. The last option is connected with boring online exercises and deja moo.

But a much more exciting way is to learn from the typing program with game elements. In this case, you can play the game with the elements of a keyboard simulator.

Dear friends, we offer you a great opportunity to improve your skills of speed typing and wonderfully spend your time. Game "Wild West Typing" allows in a playful way to improve the speed and accuracy of typing.

In this simple game you have to save a beautiful mistress of the protagonist. You learn about the abduction of your beloved at the beginning of the passage of the keyboard simulator. About what your crippled friend tells you. You will be able to recover lost shooting skills. Shooting in the game is the way to learn in the keyboard simulator. Regaining skills, you will go to the station. But on the way you will meet a band of escaped convicts. Having dealt with the bandits, you sadite the train to reach the city. Be vigilant. Skills are typing tutor will allow you to buy this time you highly useful. In the city you will have to wait for a group of ruthless thugs. The path to the saloon can be difficult. Upon entering the bar, you will have to deal with no less serious opponents. After the first floor, go to the second, where, among the young ladies of easy virtue and a dozen bodyguards main villain, you will pave the way to the room where the gang boss keeps your girl and money.

You will need a correct position of the fingers on the keyboard.

Remember that the little finger of the left hand should be on A, the ring finger on the expected average on D, and the index on F. The positions to the right hand by a combination of easy to remember ASDF. ASDF and JKL; at the beginning these two sequences will help you remember position of the fingers on the keyboard. Without these basic rules it will not be easy to defeat your enemies.

Try yourself in the game. Good luck!